Daylight Saving Time

The sooner it's permanently repealed, the better! This map in particular shows how crazy it is. No wonder employees rely heavily on their mobiles to keep track of meetings—DST makes it a nightmare. Not only do we have more important things to worry about, DST doesn't fix a problem.

Current date/time :


Current date/time DST :


Current date/time ±30min :

05h26m54s (half-way—trade-off between Winter- and Summer time)

Of course, good luck to all those who made applications heavily rely on DST... Some would actually argue that we should stick to Winter time permanently (and then maybe either start work earlier or simply shorten the work days).

Source for this script :

// Test to see if DST is in effect and then set some variables :
if (date('I')=='0') { $dst_0=0; $dst_1=1; } else { $dst_0=-1; $dst_1=0; }

$base_time = 'H\hi\ms\s';
$get_hour = date('H');

$cur_time = date($base_time,mktime($get_hour+$dst_0));
$cur_time_DST = date($base_time,mktime($get_hour+$dst_1));
$cur_time_hw = date($base_time,mktime($get_hour+$dst_0,date('i')+30));

// Very simple example :
echo $cur_time_hw;