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The building blocks of life start here...




Computer science



Some random stuff I’ve received and that I converted into web pages, not just because links are easier to share but also for clarity.





  • Date sorting — Or why writing months in full text suddenly becomes a bad idea when using them in folder names that are sorted automatically!
  • roman numerals
  • DST — Yes, the dreaded daylight-savings...
  • time zones





Creativity + mathematics... Or something...


Just some playing around with a couple of mathematical concepts... Now with less of the artistic aspect.

  • Grapher — A rudimentary test of plotting graphs with HTML and JS only


Religion, pseudo-science, scams, conspiracy theories... They are all a pack of lies and they are all this section.



Also has stuff related to astrophysics and particle physics



Variant of 'web'... (most likely very trival and/or technical stuff)

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